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We The People

Last Thursday, September 17th was Constitution Day. (I meant to blog about this earlier, but I got hit by some nasty RansomeWare. More on this in my next blog post!) To celebrate, Houston criminal defense attorneys Jen Gaut, Gemayel Haynes, Grant Scheiner and I organized a new tradition: we read parts of the Constitution on […]

The Sandra Bland video demonstrates how knowing a little about your rights can be just as dangerous as not knowing them at all

Another police interaction video has gone viral this week.  This time it wasn’t a cell phone camera.  Instead, the video comes from the Texas Department of Public Safety State Trooper’s own dash-mounted camera.  The video shows Sandra Bland, a black woman, being pulled over by white State Trooper, Brian Encina for allegedly failing to signal […]

We hold the truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal . . .

On Thursday, July 2, 2015 attorneys representing the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association gathered on the steps of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center to read the Declaration of independence. This was the sixth year of the Independence Day tradition. In attendance were past presidents of HCCLA, Robert Pelton, David Mitcham, Danny Easterling, Rob Fickman, Mark […]

BBB honors the Law Office of Philip M. Gommels

Our law office works hard to protect our client’s rights and treat them all like family. It can be hard work. So whenever we are recognized, it’s a very satisfying thing. In a ceremony with almost three hundred businesses represented, the Law Office of Philip M. Gommels was one of only four Houston law firms […]