Philip M. Gommels – Excellent Lawyer

My co-worker and I went thru all the Houston lawyers and read all comments. I found Scheiner Law Group, P.C. who referred me to Philip M. Gommels. In my experience Mr. Gommels is an excellent lawyer, always kept us informed. Worked very hard with a lot of determination and a well plan. My son was charged with a family assault with a weapon. My son has been having mental issues since he was a child, coming from an abusive father. Mr. Gommels played a supported role in my son to get the help he needed. Mr. Gommels showed up to every court hearing my son was scheduled to attend and worked very hard for almost 8 months. The D.A. wanted to give him 5 years in prison. Mr. Gommels got him 3 years probation. I would refer Mr. Gommels.

10/10 I recommend!

My experience with Attorney Phil Gommels was beyond words. I could sit here all day and write about how amazing this man is ! I am forever grateful and forever thankful that he is representing me! From the very moment I met him I had confidence in him. When I used to think of lawyers not many positive thoughts came to mind I always felt they were dishonest, greedy, and didn’t really care for their client. Phil Gommels was the COMPLETE opposite of this. He was always honest with me, quick to answer my questions and ease my concerns. I always had more than one way to contact him. He was never greedy and I didn’t EVER once feel like a paycheck. To say that he cared would not be giving him enough credit! There were times I felt I was his only client because of the amount of information he remembered about myself and my family and the amount of dedication he showed to my case. After months of having Phil Gommels as my attorney I can honestly say I have never once been dissatisfied. I recommend this lawyer to ANY who has a case and wants the best possible outcome!

Amazing lawyer!

I am more than happy with with the outcome of working with Mr Gommels. He ls a man of his word everything we talked about was done and I wouldn’t recommend any other lawyer but Mr Gommels .HE GREAT AND THANK YOU.

Defense for Probation Violation

Philip represented me in my DWI probation violation case and what a fabulous job he did! I was frightened that I was going to have jail time, and knowing in advance of my fears, he personally went and met with the chief prosecutor and the judge – prior to me standing before the judge. I am a high maintenance individual who expressed all my fears to Philip, and he always returned a phone call or anwsered an e-mail to reassure me. Please HIRE THIS GUY! He is awesome!!!!

The best lawyer I have ever worked with

I had a great easy and successful time which Mr. Phil Gomels. Not only is Mr. Gomels easy to get in contact with during my entire time in court. Mr. Gomels makes a point to go the extra mile to do everything in his power to get you the best judgment possible. That is what he did for my case he on plenty occasions drive 4 hrs to my work place to get papers documentation as well as video documentation to win my case. I am finally complete with my court case and Mr. Gomels still answers the phone when I call with no problems and to this day still remembers who I am, which will make all his clients not feel as if he only sees ten as a case number, or a pay check. I would recommend Mr. Gomels over any other lawyer because he works with the amount due for his work, the payments and schedule, and more than anything else because of his dedication to not lose in court.

He is a grate lawyer and trustworthy

he represent me better than i anticipated did a lot of research and investigation on my case he got me a good deal on my two cases reduced one of my felonies to a misdemeanor he did a real good job in my case and he really cares for his clients.

Number One Houston Lawyer Highly Recommended!!

Let me start my review with the word EXCELLENT. I highly recommend Mr.Gommels he is a highly qualified lawyer and my experience with him was outstanding. Let me start with after being in the courts for over four months and having three consultations over priced lawyers and having two state lawyers that give me the run around for two months. I was given his name from my binding company and I can say he was a angel that fell in my laps. He asked to have a consultation with me to discuss my case and he educated me of all the types of categorys there are I was shocked but at the same time at ease to know he had taken the time to sit with me and explain my entire case. He was always super pleasant and with a smile on his face that would put me on ease and that everything would be okay. He gave me a packet to start on my homework and as well he never pressured me to him he actually made me very comfortable and trusting him with my life and my future what could of been a disaster due to the cases that I was going for. I decided to hire him and do my homework and turn it in as quickly as possible and so I did even that I missed two parts he always called to check up on me and he would email me as well to make sure I would get my last part in and he also did his own investigation. Every time after court he would explain what would happen next and I felt so safe of him being my council and representing me. When the day came to see the judge in such a short notice I had given him he was one of the first to be there and always very professional and with and huge smile no matter what. I can say I had one of the hardest judges in Harris County and he isn’t very nice or flexible and is very harsh with his sentences but Mr.Gommels went in like a champ and got yelled by him because of the short notice I had hired him close to making a decision of my sentence and he reset my court date instead throwing me in the deep water. Mr.Gommels fought for me until the end and made miracles happen and I was more than satisfied of the accomplishment he had done. He helped me so much also with info to get in classes and how to be prepared for in case something ever happens again to be prepared. He was always so knowledgeable and would keep me in informed at all times. He would also answer to me quickly when ever I had questions and would explain them as many times I needed them to get explained. I have recommended him to others and clients as well. Mr.Gommels is worth every penny to fight for your case. I recall him even answering me a question in Spanish his Spanish is good and impressive. If your looking for a fabulous criminal lawyer look no more he is honestly Houston’s Number one and I will keep using him if needed. Thank you Phil for helping me in my case!! Your really one of the BEST!!!.

Attorney Phil Gommels

Mr. Gommels is definitely worth every second he is representing you. Honest man that works hard on your case and will not just go through the motions. Mr Gommels will always be refereed by me. Thank you phil.

Phil did a great job and I highly recommend him

Phil did a great job handling a Public Intoxication case. Very responsive every step of the way and he was able to get me the result that I desired. I would certainly use his services again and also recommend him to friends, family and colleagues.

Mr. Gommels a winning lawyer in Houston, Texas

Mr. Gommels is one of the best attorney in the city. He represent me well and was able to help me receive a early termination in my case. Surely would be recommend him to represent you if you need a positive result in your case.

Greatest lawyer

I got arrested for a minor infraction and Mr. Gommels did his magic and it was all solved thanks to him.

Got my case dismissed

He’s a good lawyer that shows up and get’s the job done. He know’s what he is doing. He got my case dismissed.