Texas Federal Crimes Defense

Unique Circumstances

The majority of cases that are handled by attorneys fall under state laws. However, the United States has a federal criminal code defining crimes that are handled by federal agencies and prosecuted by federal attorneys, heard by federal judges in federal courts. The rules concerning how these trials are conducted, from evidence to sentencing, differ from state courts, meaning that being charged of a federal crime is a unique situation.

Understanding Federal Crimes

The theory behind federal criminal law relates to crimes which cross state lines, are related to national interest or national security, or simply fall within United States jurisdiction. There are specific federal crimes called white collar crimes, which are non-violent, financially-motivated crime. At The Law Office of Philip M. Gommels, we are defend every type of federal allegation. Some of the most common allegations include:

White Collar

  • Tax fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire Fraud

Other Federal Crimes

  • Offenses which occur on federal property
  • Offenses related to organized crime
  • Child pornography
  • Threats to national security
  • Criminal conduct extending across multiple states
  • Criminal activity which crosses state lines

Federal offenses are investigated by agencies such as the FBI, DEA, or NSA, who then present their evidence to a U.S. Attorney under the authority of the U.S. Attorney General. When the case goes to trial, it will usually be heard in a U.S. District Court presided over by a federal District Court Judge.

Hire a Federal Crimes Lawyer Immediately

Because of the nature of some federal crimes, an arrest could come unexpectedly. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials may begin interrogating you moments after the arrest. If you are being questioned, you are being investigated; YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

If you or someone you know is being investigated for a federal crime, contacting an expert attorney immediately is crucial. An expert attorney will prevent you from making statement that the prosecution could use against you in court. Please call us right away for a consultation.